You will be in some type of spirit world

You will be in some type of spirit world

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    Your search for whatever”odd” will bring you north of the KBD lair. An odd glint that has to OSRS Items be awakened will be a metal shard. When you pick this up, a cut scene will go on with a Revenant Knight casually strolling by. He’ll look at youfloat over to you, and teleport you without even saying a word.

    You will be in some type of spirit world. Now go back to Arianwyn. Fantastic work, Zachman3334. Place the shard in addition to this crystal spear, and say this incantation.

    Use your steel shard on the crystal spear, and say the incantation (70 magic and 68 crafting required, if you do not have this, then the shard will crack in half). The”Enchanted Crystal Spear” can’t be wielded. You may ask in the last minute about the time gap, but Arianwyn tells you to not stress, her entire body will just stay the way it did when she went in.

    Proceed to Zanaris, and input BLQ, and you will be in Yu’Biusk. Head west and you’ll find the strange box. You expect Zanik to come outside, but the box instead closes, and also a cut scene opens, and you’ll notice a crying voice.

    Zanik will then run up to you a hand you such a large hug it knocks you into the floor. I knew it I knew it! I had been correct at the portal but it wouldn’t let me .

    Then you describe what that box did to Zanik. Oh. . .that’s why I never was hungry or thirsty. Yeah, we need to go to Goblin Village and talk to Bentnoze and Wartface. A cutscene opens of Zanik and also you running to Buy OSRS Accounts Goblin Village (ideally with some rock track playing like in Another Slice of H.A.M). The both of you will be in the front of the two generals, panting.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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